Martynas Sateika


University Projects

2013 Feb - 2013 May / Second Year Group Project

Participated in a team of five members, and helped writing requirements analysis and final reports. As lead programmer, I was also responsible for development of both the server-side (PHP) and client-side (Java) of an Android application that dealt with visualising multiple data sets from the "London Data Store" website.

2013 Oct - 2014 May / Third Year Project

Developed an interactive tool in Java that allows visualizing the operation of various operating system process scheduling algorithms written in the Lua scripting language. Conducted research on various existing scheduling algorithms, designed, developed and tested the application.

2014 Oct - 2015 Apr / Fourth Year Group Project

Worked in a team of four members, developing the Java version of image tracking software based on a prototype written in MATLAB by another member. During the project became familiar with technologies such as Apache Maven, the Apache Tomcat server, and the OpenCV image processing library.

Website Projects

2015 Jan - 2015 Mar / Altas assistance

Site developed for an auto assistance service. Built using PHP's framework FuelCMS and the CSS framework Bootstrap, allowing data input in three languages. Introduced me to npm and the Javascript task runner Grunt.JS that helped minimise CSS and JS files on the fly.

2013 Jan - present / Radviliskis clinic

A site developed for a local clinic. Built using PHP's framework FuelCMS, and the CSS framework Gumby.

2012 May - Sep / Linas Farm

Site developed from scratch using PHP without a framework. The site was my first real experience with PHP.

Side Projects

2015 May (ongoing) / Lecture slide viewer

An application to teach myself a bit about the new JavaFX 2 and JAXB for XML parsing. Module information is stored in an XML file. Each module's lecture slide folder contains a metadata.xml file that also stores data about each lecture. Lots of XML parsing!

2014 Nov / Pomodoro timer

A bare bone Pomodoro application built using Java's Swing library that tracks 25 minute intervals and plays a sound when the time is up. Remaining time is always visible in the task bar

2014 Apr / Book tracker

A simple application that introduced me to working with a database over the JDBC, namely Apache Derby. The database is used to store information about read books. It also includes a tool to search for book information online by scraping data from a Lithuanian book store's web site

2014 Mar / Personal Dashboard

An attempt to create a modular dashboard application. Each element in the dashboard is controlled by a separate class that extends an abstract Dashboard class. Each dashboard element has its own cache, in the form of a YAML file. Pictured are two dashboards: the upper one fetches namedays from a site once a day and caches them, the other one is for Morse Code practice.

2014 Feb / Bezier curve drawing application

A Swing application that was created to better understand the operation of Bezier curves. The user can move points around with the mouse. Upon clicking, closest point is determined and can then be moved.

2014 Feb / Image Filter playground

A Swing application that allows testing various convolution-based filters on an image. Utilises the Swing Worker class to perform the convolution in the background and not hang the application.